Want to contribute to this community? Welcome! Yes, Makes360 accepts guest post/guest blogging.

But before you submit a guest post here, read these guidelines to ensure that your post gets approved.
This blog has been online since 2020 and is one of the most popular blogs in the Blogging, Affiliate marketing, SEO, Earn money online and strictly related niches. The purpose of guest blogging is to help you to reach out to new audience, share your talents and most important - give something back to the community. Read more about this blog from "About Us" page!

Let me share a few more reasons why contributing to this blog, is a good idea?
  • This blog has good audience exposure and increasing day by day.
  • We get over 1,000 page views every day.
  • Your author pic is visible at the bottom of your article and post is promoted on all social media platform of Makes360.
  • I will mention your post in one of my newsletters to my email list of 5k+ subscribers.
  • I pin (on Pinterest) and upload (on my Instagram) all my posts permanently on a rotational basis.

To become a contributor at this blog, here are some tips that will help you to get your article accepted and published:
  • Head over to the Homepage and check out the first few pages to understand what kind of articles we publish here.
  • Write articles that is focused on quality and must add some value for the readers.
  • You have to be a blogger or a genuine writer who has something to write and share for this field.

Here are a few of the categories that I accept articles on this blog.
  • Blogging - How to guide, plugins, tutorials etc.
  • Online marketing, way to earn online, content marketing, affiliates, e-mail marketing etc.
  • SEO guide, software, and case studies.
  • Running a remote team/company, traffic generation, list building, entrepreneurship etc.
  • Social media marketing, hacks, guide etc.
  • How to.... and list fed articles (strictly related to this blog niche).

Do remember to do a search on this blog to avoid submitting already published ideas.

Things to remember before submitting guest post here:

Quality of the Article : Articles should a high-quality article with minimum of 2000 words and should cover the topic in detail. Incomplete articles are really dumb; no one loves incomplete articles.

I take quality of writing and research behind it as one of the major considerations in accepting guest posts. I only accept 100% original content, your post should not be available anywhere before or after publishing. To ensure your article gets published, write a very original piece which is written specifically for the blog audience.

Author Credit: We respects individual work and if your idea is derivative of someone else’s work, feel free to give them credit. The same goes for images that you use in your post. Please give credit (links are allowed) in article where credit is required.

Screenshot: Images speak a thousand words. Add images to convey your message, but don’t add them just for the sake of it. If you are writing tutorials or How to guide, feel free to take screenshots.

Self-promotion: We allow genuine contribution and allowing the authors to leave a link in content but not allowed any call-to-action or anything of that sort. You have a chance to build your own brand by regular contributing to this blog.

Copyright ©: We respect everyone’s work. In case we find out that you have copied a post from somewhere else, you will get an instant ban and immediate removal of all your blog posts from this blog. Also, by submitting a post, you give us copyright ownership of the post. This helps us to deal with DMCA related issues.

Reader's Comment: Comments are the conversations about your published article. You can answer any comment related to your article. This will give you more exposure and help out your readers.

Have at least one or more of these elements in your guest post:
  • Experiments you have done
  • Research-based facts
  • Concrete results and tangible takeaways
  • Expert round-ups
  • Step-by-step instructional articles with accompanying screenshots/images
  • Examples etcetera.
Do submit your article, on my mail, must be a compressed .zip/.rar file, bundle of images (.jpg, .webp, .gif only) and the .txt file in attachment. With e-mail subject - Guest post to Makes360 Blog. + you need to write your basic introduction, specially your author profile in compose section of your mail.
Tip - don't forget to write your bog/website URLs in your mail.

Attention: Please address me by my name so I know you’re not a bot! Other wise your mail will falls, this may take longer than the usual time to respond.

If you don’t see your article belonging together or surpassing my existing articles in terms of quality, you know it is not up to par.
After getting your mail, I will ask for your target keyword in mind, for SEO purposes.

I look forward to seeing your amazing posts! 😃
Cheers, Anish