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Hey Shree Anish this side, great time for me, you are on contact page of Makes360's Blog!

This blog is read by thousands of internet readers, bloggers, business and site owners from around the world. I would love to hear from you as well.
Business inquiries

To contact 💝, send a DM on Instagram: @makes360_india
Follow us on Instagram to be a part of Makes360 community, you can DM there or Just say Hii? Heck yeah! 😀

For technical querie(s) please use the comment box, available in bottom of each of articles. Our authors will try to reply there as well!

But first, please read the following pages to save you time, I’ve included some of my things. Please read it before contacting me, okay? 🙂

Thanks for your interest in our blog and reaching out us. I’ll respond to you as soon as time allow, unless your initial email impresses me and gives a ton of value upfront, you’re wasting your time. I do not hop on any kind of cold sales calls due to time constraints, if you are trying to sell me a service, sorry! ☹️
Again - Thanks for stopping by to reach me/us!

I am really friendly and love to receive e-mails, even if we are not a good fit, it’s a new friendship made in my eyes.

Have a great day ahead! 🙂
Cheers, Shree Anish