The Top 10 Social Media Management Companies in India


Social media plays a crucial role in aiding(supporting)  emerging businesses to cultivate their audiences and establish their brand identity, thereby enhancing sales. 

In this blog post, we'll highlight the top 10 social media management companies in India, providing dependable support for your business's growth.

Exploring the Social Media Status in India:

In India, social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn boast vast user communities. With more than 60 crore internet users, the business has an enormous opportunity to connect with its target audiences through social media.

  • Facebook is the biggest, and it has more than 350 crore users, marking it the largest social media platform in India. 
  • Visually engaging Instagram has grown extensively, with over 12 crore users, making it one of the largest markets in the world.
  • Twitter, which has continued to grow, has around 1.8 crore active users discussing things in real-time, which makes it essential for brands to update and connect with their customers.
  • LinkedIn, preferred by professionals, with around 7.5 crore users, offers businesses a platform for networking, recruitment, and thought leadership. 
  • YouTube provides a giant video-sharing platform, with over 45 crore monthly users in India, making it a prime place for brands to showcase their products and services through video content.

More importantly, regional preferences and languages further boost engagement and resonance with the audience.

Importance of social media management for businesses

Effective management involves strategic content creation, timely responses to customer inquiries, and data-driven decision-making, ultimately leading to increased brand awareness, customer loyalty, and revenue growth.

  • Visibility: Social media boosts brand visibility.
  • Traffic: Drives website traffic for increased sales.
  • Leads: Generates leads through engaging content.
  • Engagement: Builds customer trust with timely responses.
  • Content: Aligns content with brand identity.
  • Analysis: Uses data to optimise strategies.
  • Reputation: Manages online reputation effectively.
  • Advantage: Provides a competitive edge.
  • Community: Promotes a loyal brand community.
  • Adaptability: Stay flexible in evolving trends.

Criteria for selecting the top 10 social media management companies in India

To determine the top social media management companies in India, we evaluate elements such as the company's experience, the variety of services provided, and feedback from clients. These factors assist businesses in making an informed choice when selecting a partner to oversee their social media presence.

Criteria for Evaluation

Experience and track record of the company

The company's experience in relationship management is important because it indicates knowledge and success in the business. Companies with strong data can deliver results to their customers.

Range of services offered by the company

An extensive array of services, consisting of content creation, social media advertising, community management,  and analytics, is crucial for a comprehensive social media strategy.

Client testimonials and reviews

Feedback from past and current customers provides insight into the effectiveness and reliability of a relationship management company. Positive reviews indicate customer satisfaction and trust.

Innovative approach

A social media management company stands out by demonstrating an innovative approach that keeps it at the forefront of trends, utilising innovative strategies. This may take the form of supporting emerging platforms, developing creative content formats, or creating data-driven insights to engage the right audience.

Case studies and results

Case studies and visible results prove the effectiveness of the social media management company. The company highlights efforts with respect to metrics on an increase in brand visibility, engagement rate, lead generation, and ROI of clients.

Technology and tools

Social media management businesses require tools and technologies that would facilitate the effective scheduling of posts, data analysis, and monitoring in real-time. Integration of AI and machine learning will increase targeting and predictive analytics, leading to better client results in a rapidly changing digital environment.

Cost and value proposition

Just like any other service, in assessing a social media management company, you'd be asked to consider the cost along with the value it generates. The value proposition will showcase the advantages of the leadership, services, innovation, and technology of the company in generating visible results with a strong return on investment for the clients.

Top 10 Social Media Management Companies in India:

1. Hootsuite:

Hootsuite is one of the leading social media management platforms globally, trusted by over 1.8 crore users, including small businesses, enterprises, and agencies. Founded in 2008 by Ryan Holmes, the company has grown to become a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to manage and optimise their social media presence effectively. (Source)

Services Offered:

Comprehensive Social Media Management.
Advanced Analytics.
Scheduling and Publishing.
Social Listening and Monitoring.
Social Media Advertising.

2. Makes360:

Makes360 is a trusted name for clients looking to grow in the digital age. As an IT company, Makes360 serves B2G, B2B and B2C customers in more than 33 industries worldwide. It is a software development company that provides a variety of digital services, digital products, and free online tools to businesses, startups, and professionals across multiple industries. 

Marketing strategies to unlock growth and maximise return on investment. They have delivered best-in-class solutions for nearly 6 years, completing over 391 projects, making a significant impact on the success of many businesses and organisations.

Services Offered:

SEO - Search Engine Optimization SMO - Social Media Management SMM - Social Media Marketing PPC - Pay Per Click Advertising SMS, WhatsApp & Calls Marketing Online Reputation Management

3. Rankz:

Rankz has ranked more than 25,000 competitive keywords and gets over 3 million organic leads monthly. The agency has been known as one of the leading SEO service providers by trusted sources like SearchEngineLand and MakeuseOf. To add to that, the agency has also been rewarded as a clutch Indian leader in advertising and marketing in the year 2022, further proving its capability in the industry.

This agency is backed by seasoned professionals, who are known to get results measured. With transparent reporting coupled with client satisfaction, there is a certainty for the business size.

Services Offered:

Email Marketing Services
Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing Service

4. Webchutnet:

Webchutney is a creative powerhouse, delivering solutions in online branding and digital marketing. Their creative minds get out of the box and bring exciting digital experiences to life. Webchutney has many awards under its credit, which makes it an industry leader.

They offer services beyond the traditional face of digital marketing and have one that's super focused on putting strategies in such a manner that they will connect more with the target audience. That approach is very client-oriented, ensuring that every campaign is custom-built to meet specific business objectives. Therefore, they are the agency a brand looks to for that online impression.

Services Offered:

PPC Services
SEO Services
Content Marketing Services
Article Writing Services
Conversion Rate Optimization Services
Email Marketing Services

5. WATConsult:

WATConsult is one of the leading digital marketing agencies, an agency that is owned by the Dentsu Creative umbrella, working on web, technology, and analytics-based solutions. The focus on effective creatives paired with effective media and technology spells out a lot of success, as this company has achieved much recognition and accolades in the industry.

WATConsult is strategically thought, creatively executed, and functionally measured to deliver results. They have a transparent reporting system and are committed to customer satisfaction, hence making them a reliable partner for your digital marketing needs.

Services Offered:

Search Engine Optimization (PPC)
Organic Search Marketing
Pay-per-click marketing (PPC)
Performance Marketing
Social Media Marketing

6. GrowthHackers:

GrowthHackers is a platform with a suite of resources and services targeting businesses to help them achieve sustainable growth through growth hacking methodologies.

Their team of experts is on the lookout for growth opportunities and implementing strategies that return good ROI. They have all your services listed-from SEO and content marketing to social media and analytics.

Services Offered:

Email Marketing Services
Email Automation Services
Campaign Management Services
Growth Hacking
Content Marketing
Social Media management

7. Social Beat:

Social Beat is a leading full-service digital marketing agency, focused on pushing the boundaries and delivering exceptional digital services. With over 300 professionals across four cities in India, each engaged with pushing boundaries and turning challenges into opportunities for clients.

Social Beat is a META Business Partner and a Premier Google Partner, underscoring a key focus on digital marketing excellence. The agency's expertise in innovative strategies and a highly client-centric approach have positioned it as a dependable partner for brands to reach digital success.

Services Offered:

Digital Media Planning & Buying
Social Media Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Programmatic Solutions
Video Creation & Marketing
Content & SEO Strategy
Multilingual Marketing
Marketing Strategy Consulting
Market Research & Analytics

8. Social Panga:

Social Panga is a full-stack integrated social media and digital marketing agency with multiple offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Dubai. Making up a team of more than 350+ Mafias, Social Panga has emerged as the buzzword for the word award-winning full-stack digital marketing agency in India. They offer creative, innovative solutions to brands on how to establish an online presence and bring growth to their business.

Their solution-centric approach and high ROI drive them towards meeting specific business objectives. The clarity of their reporting and customer satisfaction at all costs make them the agency to go with for any business that wishes to mark its presence in the social media sphere.

Services Offered:

Social Media Marketing
Digital Marketing
Creative Advertising
Content Creation
Strategy Development

9.ROI Minds:

ROI Minds is an on-growing full-service Internet Marketing Company that implements cutting-edge, targeted solutions to provide excellent digital marketing services. Their team focuses on the most lucrative business lines and the operational challenges of their clients with a sophisticated, data-driven approach to digital marketing strategies.

A team of seasoned professionals has habitually turned leads into customers for this agency with a proven track record of successfully realising the business goals of their clients, making them a dependable partner to grow the size of the business.

Services Offered:

Media Buying & Planning
Audio & Video Content Development & Production
Search Engine Optimization
Online Reputation Management
Social Media Marketing

10. Thrive:

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency specialises in providing social media marketing (SMM) services for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, enterprises, and multiple-location companies. Their primary focus is on helping clients build brand awareness, establish brand integrity, and create meaningful connections with their customers and followers through various social media platforms. (source)

Services Offered:

Social Media Marketing 
Social Media Management
Social Media Advertising
Social Media Brand Management 
Social Media Reputation Management


In conclusion, the leading 10 social media management firms in India distinguish themselves in numerous areas, ranging from creative strategies to specialised industry focus. When selecting a company for your enterprise, take into account your unique requirements, financial plan, and anticipated results to make a well-informed choice. Recognise social media management as a crucial element of your marketing approach, and maintain a competitive edge.

Recommendations for choosing the right company for your business:

Conduct thorough research on the company's background, services, and client reviews.

Request case studies and success stories relevant to your industry.

Evaluate pricing, packages, and the level of customisation offered by the company.

Future trends in social media management in India:

As social media continues to evolve, we expect video content, social engagement, and user engagement to become more important. The use of new technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality will also play an important role in attracting the target audience and supporting the growth of businesses.


1.How much do social media management companies in India typically charge? Social media management companies in India may charge a monthly retainer fee ranging from 30k to 80k, depending on the scope of services and level of expertise offered. 2.What should I look for when hiring a social media management company? When hiring a social media management company, look for experience, industry specialisation, a track record of success, transparent pricing, and excellent client testimonials. 3. How can social media management companies help businesses grow their online presence? Social media management companies can help businesses grow their online presence by creating engaging content, increasing brand visibility, fostering community interactions, and driving traffic to their website through targeted campaigns.

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