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Basic technical aspects of NEWS website - owner should know

Are you a NEWS website owner or want to become one, if yes - this article is for you. Here is some basic technical aspect that NEWS website owner should know.

In this article, I am not going to share any advance technical aspect but the basic one, the reason is - you are a journalist and off-course you are not making websites by yourself.

I suppose that you are going to hire an agency for your NEWS website for all technical works. However, if you have the basic idea of technical things of NEWS website, you can communicate better to the agency.

Basic technical aspects of NEWS website
Technical aspects of NEWS website

Make sure to read all aspect, definitely, you will come on a conclusion.

Basic Technical aspects of NEWS website

1. What is Domain?
Answer: A domain is a permanent address of your website (e.g. - aajtak.com), simply called domain name. First, you need to buy/register an available (matching) domain for your NEWS website, cost of .com domains are around ₹900 while .in domains are around ₹600.

You have to renew your domain every year, and renewal cost per year of .com domains are around ₹1,049 while .in domains are around ₹748.

Additional: Godaddy is India's largest domain registrar and definitely fine for a NEWS website. Here is 8 pro tips for choosing a perfect domain name for your brand.

2. What is Hosting/Web servers?
Answer: Simply - Hosting means storage, where all your NEWS website content such as images, videos, text files will stored. Hosting is very similar to a Pen-drive or memory, they have fixed storage space and file transfer speed, while you can upgrade your hosting plan according to your need. Price of suitable hosting for a NEWS website starts from range of ₹599/month

Major terms of any Hosting - (a). Disk space, (b). Server speed, (c). Bandwidth & RAM

(a). Disk space - generally disk space in GB that allow to store your website files. 2-5 GB is more enough space to start a new NEWS website.

(b). Server speed - this is an important factor, server speed can decide your NEWS page load time and more, high server speed is required for NEWS website.

(c). Bandwidth & RAM - Bandwidth define the rate of data transfer speed of any server, high bandwidth is required for NEWS website because of high volume of traffic. RAM is responsible to handle the users interface, basically the processing speed, 1 GB RAM is good to start a NEWS website.

3. What is SSL?
Answer: SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. An SSL certificate is responsible for your basic website security. You need to buy an SSL certificate and connect to your domain/hosting.

Price (standard grade certificates) are starts from range of ₹4,500/yr, while some hosting service provider companies provide free SSL with their plans.

Fact: Nearly 91% of the Alexa Top 100,000 websites are using SSL.

4. What is CMS?
Answer: CMS stands for Content Management System, a backend admin interface where you and your team can modify/change/publish NEWS etc to the website. This will develop by your service provider for you - they will provide you multiple login ID and Passwords as per your requirement, there are no coding and programming required.

5. What is SEO?
Answer: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You have to make your website search engine friendly and user friendly both. SEO can help you to get rank higher in search engines like Google and platform like YouTube.

Here are some common technical SEO aspect.

A. Page load time: Page load time must be less than 2 second.

Fact: 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. SEO can boost your traffic by 90%.

B. Responsive: Your NEWS website must be load fine and works proper on all screen size (on mobile device, tablet and computers, even on X-large screens such as TV etc).

C. Comparability: Your NEWS website must be support most of available browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft edge, Opera, Safari, Firefox etc.

In-fact SEO is very broad topic, people are doing white hat SEO, while agencies doing something between Grey and Black Hat SEO to get rank higher in search engines. For sure, Whit Hat SEO can bring success to your NEWS website in long run, while black can't.

6. What is typography?
Answer: Simply typography means the look and appearance of your NEWS article on your website.

Keep in mind a great typographical approach can being more traffic, can help in ranking over the Internet and more.

Typography of your NEWS website is develop by your developer team, while they will teach you - How to write NEWS content in to your CMS and even How to optimize image, description, URL, tags etc of your NEWS article, so that your NEWS can perform better on search results pages.

Ask before hiring an agency to develop your NEWS website

# CheckList

Don't forget to fetch details about agency/company, make crystal clear agreements, but before - 5 questions to ask to the service provider company for the very first.

1. is my website responsive, mobile friendly.

2. Will my NEWS content get ranks in search engines?

3. Cross check for the hosting services, ask them - will my site crash?

4. Ask for the revenue models, how my NEWS website will earn money.

5. Can you support in success of my journey too?

NEWS Website Development Company
NEWS Website Development Company

A NEWS website owner should know this

1. You can earn money from your NEWS website by placing multiple types of ads there.

2. You can track your website rankings, traffic, page view and whole performance with analytics dashboard, analytics dashboard will provide by your developer team.

3. You can promote your/anyone's services or products through your NEWS site, you can charge for this.

4. You can make a branded NEWS agency just with your online NEWS website!

Final thoughts: Sounds good that you are finished reading, make sure that you are hiring a good agency for you NEWS website, apart from NEWS writing, there are lots of things depends on technical team. So don't jump in cloud, take time and think again. I hope you have your own conclusion, share this article to a NEWS site owner.

Still Confuse? Call/Whatsapp To Get Into Touch With Makes360's Award Winning Support Team - 91 3210 3210 (INDIA)

Cheers, great day ahead! 

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