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Remove Powered by Blogger from your blogspot blog in 1 minute

Nothing is better than blogger to start blogging for free. Blogger has many limitations but still you can do lot more. The reason is blogger allow to edit their theme. Here I'm explaining How to remove footer credit in blogger 2020 (yes, this article is an updated version after 2020 blogger update).

Basically we have two methods to do this. The first one is by unlocking widget attribution and the 2nd one is by adding CSS in to your theme. You can hide blogger footer attribution or permanent remove. Even you can write your own footer attribution or copyright instead of Powered by Blogger.

Remove Powered by Blogger
Remove Powered by Blogger

Why should or should not remove the "Powered by Blogger" (footer credit or footer attribution) from your blogger website or blog?

Simple, you might have to write your own word instead of Powered by Blogger or to show a professional look to your readers. While default attribution can indicate a trust to some of your readers. I think removing of this or writing your own words will be nice.

Q: Are there any harm of removing "Powered by Blogger" from any blogspot website or blog?

Ans: In one word NO, there are no any harm of removing Powered by Blogger from your blog. Blogger is a free platform from Google for all, we should give credit to them, but not not required.

This is the only reason for blogger is not direct allowing to remove the footer credit, don't worry still you can remove this (safe and working method). Look!

Method 1: Remove "Powered by Blogger" by unlocking Attribution widget.

Step 1: Login to your blogger account with your g-mail > Go to "Theme" > Click on three dots there > Click on "Edit HTML".
Blogger theme edit HTML
Blogger theme edit HTML

Step 2: Press CTRL + F to find in code and Search for <b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' and change locked='true' to locked='false' and save the theme.

Unlock widgets in blogger
Unlock widgets in blogger

Step 3: Last step, Go to Layout > at the below you can see attribution gadget, click edit you will be able to remove now. That’s it you are done.

Remove Powered by Blogger by unlocking Attribution widget
Remove Powered by Blogger by unlocking widget

Attention: CTRL + F is finder shortcuts in windows, while for MAC users have to press Command + F to the same.

Method 2: Remove "Powered by Blogger" by adding CSS code.

Step 1: Go to "Theme" and click on "CUSTOMISE" button.

Blogger theme customise
Blogger theme customise

Step 2: Click on "Advance" then "Add CSS" and past #Attribution1 {display: none;} this code there in text box, and click on "Apply to blog". That’s it you are done.

Add CSS in blogger blog
Add CSS in blogger blog

There are No Remove option in footer attribution widget, not a problem, follow the above steps and definitely you will able to remove Powered by Blogger attribution from your blogspot blog.

There are two method to do this, but which one is best and why?
Simple, the first one is perform well than 2nd one. The reason is - in 2nd method we are adding additional CSS this may cause increase page load time (impact is negligible), while both methods are works fine.

Hey, are you using default blogger template on your blog? You might have know that blogger also support third party template or theme. Here is  some top free responsive blogger templates for blogging.

Did I miss somethings or you have any relates query in mind, feel free to drop a comment below. I love to here you. Cheerse!

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