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5 Free Responsive Blogger Templates for Blogging and Writers!

Blogging is becoming popular day by day. Doesn't matter that you want to generate a passive income by doing blogging or want to share your knowledge/writing on Internet, nothing is better than blogger.com to start.

 Blogger is a free platform provided by Google; there you do not need to invest money for stuff like Hosting, SSL, Backup, etc. Even you have not to worry about your website security, management, etc. Although blogger dot com is one of the renowned CMS (content management systems) for blogging, there are some (many) limitations. But I must say – still, you can do a lot more with blogger dot com, stay with the article - I will show you. You all know is, blogger has very limited templates or themes to choose from, and of course, they are not reliable at all. But the best part is, that you can use third-party custom templates on your blogger BlogSpot.

That is why I'm writing free responsive blogger templates for blogging, take a look. But before that, I think you should read the basics! Of course, you can jump on the "top free blogger templates list".

Free Responsive Blogger Templates for Blogging
Free responsive blogger templates for blogging

All about free blogger templates

There are tons of free blogger templates available over the Internet, of course, their premium version is available too. Read some FAQs related to free blogger templates. 

FAQ (frequently asked questions) related to free blogger templates.

 (1). Is it okay to use a third-party, free blogger template on my blog?

Ans: Yes, there are no risks to using a third-party, free template on blogger. Although blogger is allowed to use/upload third-party templates, the problem comes with the code (malicious code) inside, avoid downloading free blogger templates from an unknown source.

 (2). Will the speed of my site decrease after using free blogger templates, because they have some encrypted code?

Ans: Sometimes Yes, but the impacts are negligible.

 (3). Am I going to face difficulty in the monetization of my site?

Ans: No, you can easily monetize your site with third-party templates too. Google gives preference to the quality only, no matter whether you are using default or third-party templates.

 (4). Can I customize third-party free blogger templates?

Ans: Of course, you can, even you can do a lot more as compared to default blogger templates. 

Did I miss something? Or do you have any other related queries? Make sure to drop a comment below, I love to hear you.

How to choose a good template for your blogger blog

There is no doubt that articles’ quality, SEO, etc. are the very important part, but this does not mean that we can ignore templates. A good template plays an important role in the success of your blog. However, with the help of a good blogger template, you can do the same task easily. 

I was worried about the look of my blog. There are tons of free blogger templates available, but the point is How to choose the best one from them?

Before choosing a template for your blog, make sure that your niche topic is in your mind. Templates are made for a specific type of website or blog, you have to choose which one is the best fit for your needs?

You should ask yourself first - What type of blog is it? What niche is it? What do you want it to look like? What functions does your blog need? Will you be able to customize it?

8 Quick rules for choosing a perfect template for a blog.

1. Try to choose a simple template or theme, because simplicity is the best way to increase usability and visibility.

2. Home page and design - Choose a clear home page design. On the home page/landing page - no article, no problem - just have a purpose.

3. Menu and Navigation – Keep an easy-to-use menu bar. Avoid too much navigation, more doesn’t mean better. Look for the content width and design of sidebars, check several columns, templates available with 1, 2, 3, 4 sidebars and footer, etc. Think about photos and typography too.

4. Check for the responsive or mobile-friendly attribute - A blog template must be responsive and adjust itself according to the device. 51.2% of traffic comes from a mobile or tablet device. Make sure that the theme you are choosing for your blog is mobile-friendly too.

You can check any blog, website, or written codes are mobile-friendly or not from this free online tool by Google.

5. Compatibility - Your users are going to use many browsers so make sure that your theme is compatible with almost all browsers and fonts, icons, etc must be supported by almost every platform.

6. SEO Friendly - Double check that your template is SEO friendly. You can start with checking page loading speed (use a free tool like Gtmetrix.com or Page speed checker by Google) and placements of heading and typography.

Hey, are you confused with "What is SEO", Don't worry read this - What is SEO, and 4 types of SEO that people do?

7. Sliders are risky - According to a survey 3.7 million users visits a website in six-month, and only 1% of users clicked on ANY of their slider images. I think this will be useless for a blog, even though this can increase your load time and harm your blog. 

8. Last but not least - Do test the theme thoroughly.

List of top Free Responsive Blogger Templates

Free responsive blogger templates for blogging and writers!

1. SEO Mag

This template is an example of the best-designed template, very simple, fast-loading design and responsive layout. This theme can be used to create any micro niche website like a tech blog, news website, travel blog, latest trends blog, event blog, food blog, Fashion blog, Sports blog, Health blog, etc.

Well SEO optimized. It comes in a fully customized look and feels that is customizable. Even I'm using an SEO mag blogger template on this blog.

Highlights: SEO Ready, Responsive, Social Bookmark Ready, Post Thumbnails (first image of post), Ads Ready, Drop Down Menu, Simple, Sharing buttons, Breadcrumb Navigation Ready, Right Sidebar (fixed),  3 Columns Footer, Email Subscription Widget Ready.

Live Preview | Download

 2. REVO

This template is a stunning Blogspot theme built for bloggers that want to showcase their equally stunning content and articles. Best appropriate for websites that deliver information about Technology, Fashion, Sports, Healthy, Travel, etc.

 Well SEO optimized. It comes in a fully customized look and feels that is customizable. The homepage gives you a chance to engage your visitors and tell them to subscribe with an elegant-looking newsletter widget.

 Highlights: SEO Ready, Ads Ready, Responsive, Fast Loading, Mega Menu, 3 Columns Footer, Right Sidebar (fixed), Social Bookmark Ready, Post Thumbnails, Slideshow, Page Navigation Menu, Email Subscription Widget Ready.

 Live Preview | Download

3. Notable (blogger default)

This template is very simple. Most appropriate for blogs that deliver information about Technology, Fashion, Sports, Health, Travel, etc. This template is from blogger.com and best fit for Google Ads, yes this template can help to take Google Ads approval quickly.

Well, SEO optimized and Content ready. You can customize this too.

Highlights: SEO Ready, Ads Ready, Responsive, Fast Loading, Post Thumbnails, Page Navigation Menu, Email Subscription Widget Ready.

4. Soho (blogger default)

This is another best template from blogger.com, have a really simple interface. Best appropriate for blogs like Content downloading sites, Technology, Fashion, Sports, Healthy, Travel, etc. This template is also the best fit for Google Ads.

Well, SEO optimized and Content ready. You can customize this too.

Highlights: SEO Ready, Ads Ready, Responsive, Fast Loading, Post Thumbnails, Page Navigation Menu, Email Subscription Widget Ready.

Attention: A default blogger theme can boost your blog (initially), keep in mind these templates are made by Google itself. However, there are no click customization options such as to Remove Powered by Blogger (footer credit) you have to code a little. But again I would like to say, you can do a lot of customization there.

5. Plate

This blogger template is specially made for food niche blogs. Best fit for the recipe, cooking, travel, daily blog, personal blog, makeup, jewelry, fashion, etc. This is a fully responsive theme and fits any screen size automatically. 

Simple, Fast Loading, Responsive, SEO Ready, Ads Ready, Retina Ready, Breadcrumb Navigation Ready, Drop Down Menu, Social Bookmark Ready, Page Navigation Menu, Post Thumbnails, Clean, 2 Columns, Right Sidebars, Slideshow, 3 Columns Footer, Mega Menu and Google AMP.

Live Preview | Download


I know there are millions of great blogger templates available, but I can't add them all here. So you have read this! Now what?” One of three things will happen:

1. Do nothing: I think I will just keep my blog the way it is. If this article couldn’t convince you, then at least download "Google Analytics" to see how your website or blog performing.

2. Make changes: Awesome! You’ve got the coding know-how to change your blog layout.

3. Switch to a new template: If you are thinking to change your blogger templates. I created a spreadsheet article on "from where you can download tons of free blogger templates".

Did I miss something that might be(really) awesome and fit for bloggers and writers?

Make sure to show your creativity in the comment box below.
I'd love to hear you! Cheers

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