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What are the best freelancing sites in India? Top 5 list that works

India has large economy and huge population. Money is the essential requirements of us. This is the only reason that work as freelance from home to earn money is becoming popular day by day. Here is the list for best freelance websites that paying highest money in India. If you decided to do part time online job or work from home as freelancers, definitely this will help you. Wishing luck, read this article.

Now in 2020, there are many website that are pretending as they are good freelance websites, but in real they aren't or they do not pay the real values for your time/work. So you need to do a bit of research before joining any freelancing website in India.

Freelance websites in India
Freelance websites in India

Doing freelancing job from home is amazing and you can earn very well for your skills while freelancing job is not so easy, you have to work.
Before joining any freelancing website, have a look "Top five best freelance website in India"

1. Freelancer.com

Overview: Freelancer.com is very popular site for doing work from home and earn money. They have 25 million registered users, and completed more than 12 million projects. You can do work in multiple category such as software and application development, writing, design and business services etc.

Commission and charges: Depending on the user membership level (which starts from $0 to $59.95/month).
If you are working with fixed price projects, then the commission will be 10% of total or $5, whichever is greater, and 10% for hourly projects.
For contests commission charges will be 10% or $5, again whichever is greater.
For "services" commission  charges will be 20% fee of the total service price.
For the Preferred Freelancer Program commission charges will be 15% of project fees.

Freelancer get paid hourly as there project fees. Well designed working dashboard to manage your projects. Only they charging hard as commission.

Official site : freelancer.in

freelancer, freelance website in india
freelancer, freelance website in India

  • You have more opportunity to get digital projects here.
  • You can charge per hour for your work.
  • Profile verification is not so hard.

  • Commissions are too much high.
  • Local talent will not get paid high (initially).

2. Upwork

Overview: Upwork is one of top rated freelancing platform in India. Upwork deals business out of India too.  It has about 60 lakh registered businesses and 1.3 crore registered freelancers from more than 30 countries. Have great interface and working dashboard for freelancers. Upwork is best choice for work from home. You can do freelance job like content writing, designing, marketing, customer support, ethical securities, accounting and much more.

They charges 20% of the total fee for the first five works, after which it charges about 5% of the total fee. While a few argue that there are hidden charges too. They have paid plans from the range of $50 to $500. If you have good skill set, definitely you can earn lots of money without subscribing paid plans.

You need to make a dedicated profile, they guys are going to approve you first. If you have the skills then you can easily find projects here. Although it is not easy to create an account on Upwork, but once your account is approved there is no further obstacle.

Official site : upwork.com

Upwork, freelance website in india
Upwork, freelance website in India

  • Large number of jobs across various skills.
  • Trusted by brands such as Microsoft, Airbnb etc.
  • Transparency in payment - Paypal, Payoneer and M-Pesa (Kenya only).
  • Verified profile can bring more job to you.

  • High commission charges (20% for first 5 work, then after 5% for all).
  • Profile verification is not so easy.

3. 99designs

Overview: There are lots of free options for graphic design over Internet. People love using everything from Hipster Logo Generator, Canva, Stencil, Pixlr etc. But when it comes to website or blog logo design or really anything related to graphic every one need ability. I think 99designs is one of great option where people are searching these.

You can join their and earn money online as freelance. 99designs is primarily based around design contests. You can deal here in graphics, photo editing, videos and editing etc.

This website is bit hard for freelancers, first you need to make your brand profile there. Go to spot if you're look for selling professional quality designs at a competitive rate. Customer service is excellent. You really get over 99 designs submitted to you in a short period.

Official site : 99designs.com

99designs, freelance website in india
99designs, freelance website in india

  • You can charge high for your work.
  • Great user interface and working dashboard.
  • There are lots of contest and rewards.

  • Hard to work as a freelancer.
  • Making a branded profile is not so easy.
  • Account may suspend without any notice, only when you are not follow there terms.

4. Fiverr

Overview - One of best freelancing website in India. Fiverr was founded in 2010 with concept of buying and selling of freelance services over the world. You need to start your work from $5, The prices would go up depending on the skill, demand, and duration of the work. In 2018 around 3 million gigs  posted on fiverr. That means on fiverr you haven't need to panic, definitely you get work and money for that too.

Commission charges are fixed on every projects i.e 20% of total value or $1 for each $5 projects.

Fiverr is also step ahead towards verifying users profile, but seems easy than other. The charge of commission is low as comparing others.
Fiverr deals in graphics, design, writing, translation, music, audio, online marketing, video and animation, advertising etc.

Official site : fiverr.com

Fiverr, freelance website in india
Fiverr, freelance website in India

  • Have great user interface (Great user experience award in 2018).
  • Transparency in payment system - Paypal
  • Free test series available, you can proof your skills in your  profile.
  • Lack of high value projects or gigs, mostly are of $5.
  • Commission is high. They charge $1 for each $5 or 20% of total price. 
  • You can not contact your clients directly.
  • Earning is not so good, hard to get first few works.

5. PeoplePerHour

Overview - People per hour is one of best freelance site. If you are looking to work for high value of projects and want charge per hour for your work, This website is going rock your portfolio.

People per hour is a great platform to complete various projects. You can deal in graphics, writing, designing, development and professional services etc.

They charge less commission fee i.e 8.2% of total project value. Yes, really this is cheaper than all other. But you need to do quality of work to earn more money.

Official site : peopleperhour.com

Peopleperhour, freelance website in india
Peopleperhour, freelance website in India

  • Profile verification is easy.
  • Transparency in payment system.
  • You can charge per hour for your work.

  • Have average user interface and project dashboard.
  • Less number of average projects to work.

Here is  "Top five best freelance websites paying highest money in India" all websites has plenty of both cons and pros and it will really depend on your personal situation and preferences on whether is a good fit for you or not.

This list from one to five, numbered with my opinion! This article is not sponsored by any website or service provider.
Make sure drop a comment below if you have some queries related to Online Earning.

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